Coming from the Palombie jungle, with his family, together with humans, the Marsupilami surprises us with his rebellious spirit, joker and deeply human, and by his incredible vitality. He’s loyal toward his friends, but can get strongly angry if he feels a danger for himself, or when his family, friends and environment are threatened.

His yellow spotted coat, his large expressive eyes and especially his queue measuring 8 m length that he uses with 1000 surprising ways, make him immediately engaging.

To fully live Marsupilami adventures, we offer you Marsupilami plushes, tableware for children and outdoor furnitures.

In partnership with the association :
logo toutes a lecole
His mission : propose a high level education to the poorest young girls, in order to lead them to a profession that will bring them freedom and dignity.
For each plush bought,
Jemini will redistribute 1€ to the association